Professional Beach Volleyball Player, Katie Spieler Finds Stability In The Sand

Professional Beach Volleyball Player, Katie Spieler Finds Stability In The Sand


Katie Spieler is a Professional Beach Volleyball Player for Team USA Internationally and an Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) Pro Tour athlete in the US. Being the shortest AVP pro at 5’5, Katie has defied all physical and mental stereotypes of this sport. She prides herself on continuous dedication to play at her best, competing at the highest possible level of beach volleyball. OOFOS is a proud sponsor of Katie Spieler and an official partner of the AVP.



Katie was introduced to OOFOS two years ago from a fellow AVP professional and close friend. She immediately fell in love. “As an athlete in the sand, my feet are constantly working through unstable surfaces. My whole body relaxes as soon as I step into my OOFOS.” Katie started her fifth professional season this year with hopes of winning an AVP Championship.




When Katie is not practicing, she is coaching young athletes at the East Beach Volleyball Academy, the club she founded in her hometown. Katie thrives from giving back to her community through coaching and helping young athletes reach their potential. “It’s amazing to see someone fall in love with something and for it to change their lives. I want to inspire the players I coach to be their best, regardless of any limitation they face. The hard work never stops, but it’s worth it.” Aside from coaching, Katie is one of the founders of a scholarship foundation for a former AVP professional and dear friend. The foundation helps to support promising and financially struggling beach volleyball athletes to continue to play the game they love.



In June, Katie began playing the first few points of a semi-final match when she jumped up for a set and landed awkwardly on her left knee. The MRI later showed a complete tear of her ACL and a partial tear of Medial Meniscus. “Luckily, I was already in love with OOFOS before I was injured; but immediately following this injury, OOFOS were the only footwear I could wear that made me feel stable.” Katie has a 9-month recovery journey ahead.



Katie’s mindset post-injury has been purely optimistic. She is craving redemption and is eager to get back into the sand to compete again. Katie hopes to lead by example to inspire young athletes to pursue their goals even when setbacks happen. OOFOS will continue to support Katie through our sponsorship as she gets through recovery and back on the court.




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