Coping In the Face Of A Crisis

Coping In the Face Of A Crisis

We are in the middle of a global health pandemic that is creating a looming economic crisis requiring our immediate attention. Our independent retailers and small businesses are a critical part of our community, and it’s our turn to help them.

If you still have the financial means and disposable income during this time, please consider your local businesses. Many are doing their best to adapt, changing their landscape, by setting up online stores and offering phone in orders with free delivery or curbside pick up.

"On March 18, we closed our doors to protect our employees, customers and community. Like many others, we were not mandated to close, but we knew we needed to

In the evenings, I would thumb through Instagram and see my fellow downtown merchants forging ahead, being creative, delivering orders big and small, not giving up and helping others. It inspired me to do the same."

- A commentary by the owner of The Cobbler in downtown Victoria.
Business On the Brink: Fighting to Keep Downtown Alive.
Photograph by Adrian Lam, Times Colonist

We are lucky to have a variety of incredible apps and easy to use webstores like Shopify to help customers navigate from the comfort of their homes during social isolation.

@canadianfootwear writes "This showroom is usually bustling, full of action. Having empty stores for this long has been really eerie, and we miss seeing our staff and customers face to face. We want to THANK YOU for the incredible support on our webstore during this strange time. Supporting local business is so important right now... Who have you been supporting locally?"

We have noticed lots of creative posts and video's to capture your attention.

Here is one of our favourites:

@strideandglide in Prince George, BC is still there to help with all of your athletic needs. They are offering free home delivery or curb-side pickup to safely get you your new gear. (Thanks to Gabby for the awesome video).

Many stores are thinking outside the box to enable you to keep your social distance while trying to survive what has to be the most challenging time their business has ever faced!

Of course, this is a just a small sampling of our fantastic retailers. Please check in with your local retailer so they are can continue to be there for you.