Lisa Misyk Guest Post:  I Couldn't Have Done It Without You!

Lisa Misyk Guest Post: I Couldn't Have Done It Without You!

I am writing you to talk about my running adventure!! I am one of the happiest people right now!!

After tearing my plantar fasciitis in early April, I had come to realize that the Fargo half marathon in May would not be an option for me. This devastated me. I have not been running very long, it’ll be 3 years in October, and this would’ve been my 4th half marathon. I was more than halfway through my training plan, had already paid for the entry fee, but literally could not put any weight on my foot.

So what did I do??

I pulled out my Oofos!! I swear these helped me recover!!

I work in retail and am on my feet ALL day. There was no way I could miss work for an extended period of time so it was ‘Oofos Ooriginals to the rescue!’ They allowed me to be mobile without feeling ALL of the pain! I told everyone I knew to go out and get a pair!!

I slowly started running, knowing that Fargo was only 2 weeks away. My husband Chris and I drove down on the Friday and I still wasn’t sure how far I was going to run. 15 minutes before the half was about to start, I was sitting in the stands with Chris crying because I was unsure that I could complete this challenge in front of me. I convinced myself that if I had to walk, I would walk. I wasn’t going for a PR by any means but at the same time my ‘runners brain’ still wanted me to do well.

I ran a steady 9:45 mile consistently, through rain and sideways wind, loving every minute of it. There was no foot pain. It just went away for the duration of the run. All I could do was smile!

Did I need my Oofos after the run??? 100%!!! And I wore them for the rest of the long weekend. I even found a pair of Oomg Low Shoes which are just as awesome!

There are so many products on the market for foot pain and they don’t all work for everyone, but Oofos was definitely a helpful aid for me. I wear them every day, at work and at home. Thank you!! For making such an amazing product that helped me run my half marathon!!

Couldn’t have done it without you!!