My Triathlon Journey Kim Sawler, Age 52

My Triathlon Journey Kim Sawler, Age 52

Triathlon - a multi sport race with three continuous and sequential endurance activities, most commonly swimming, cycling and running.

It sounds crazy to try and master not just one sport, but all 3!!!

I think this is part of what appealed to me. I was always an active person growing up and into my adult life but deep down wanted or needed that extra challenge. Every October I would faithfully watch the television coverage of the Ironman World Championships from Kona, Hawaii in awe. How did these amazing athletes do this? I would tell my husband that maybe one day I could give it a try. Until then I would just watch it from my couch.

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2017 was going to be an epic year, I told myself; turning the big 5-0!! I was going to make this year count. So on a whim, I signed up for a local sprint triathlon. What had I done?! I was a decent cyclist and OK runner, but swimming?? I wouldn’t drown if you threw me in a pool, but ask me to swim 750 m non-stop? What did I do? Was this my mid-life crisis?

I took swimming lessons to help me with technique and joined our local triathlon club where I met some great people to help me along my journey. June came along and I did it….. finished my first sprint triathlon with a smile on my face.

Needless to say, I was hooked. When was the next race?

I competed in 4 sprints that summer and at our trip club year end meeting, it was announced that I won Rookie of the Year!!! At the age of 50! Who would have thought it possible?!

Never put any limits on what you can do.

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2018 was my second year in triathlon and I was itching to try the longer distances. So at the end of the season a few of my friends and I signed up for the Ironman Maine 70.3. A half Ironman distance (1.9KM swim, 90KM bike and a 21.1KM run). No sooner I did this, I was getting some pain in my right heel. Started mild, but as time went on, I was not able to run without being in pain. It was now 2019 and I was starting my training for Maine. I did not need this setback. I was in pain even walking around my house.

Time to see the physiotherapist. It was Plantar Fasciitis An inflammation of the dense fibrous band of tissue of the sole of the foot that is marked especially by heel or arch pain (Merriam - Webster). We did shockwave therapy, laser therapy, exercises, laid off the running and I was starting to panic about my big race. It was May and I was still not 100%. I was seriously worried that I wouldn’t be able to race in August.

On one of my physio visits, she said to me, “get yourself a pair of OOFOS”. I was like, ‘what?’ OOF what? Had no idea what she was suggesting. Went to my local run store and took the first pair they had in my size. I was willing to try anything. I got home and slipped on the OOFOS and….. Wow, my feet felt incredible. I didn’t have that heel pain and my feet felt supported and cushioned at the same time. Is this for real? Is it a placebo effect because I wanted it to feel good? I continued to wear my OOFOS daily and eased back into a run schedule. Can a shoe heal you? I don’t know, but they saved my feet this summer.

I made it to Maine! At the Expo, OOFOS had a tent set up and I bought myself another pair. 2 of my other trip friends were also sporting OOFOS with great results!!

The race was everything I wanted it to be.

Loved the race experience and the challenge. I finished with a smile on my face and with thoughts of what next year would bring.

I am now the proud owner of 3 pairs of OOFOS and my husband is now part of the OOFOS family and is hinting at another pair for Christmas.

To quote the Ironman motto - “anything is possible”
Never be afraid of a challenge and to move outside of your comfort zone.

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