The 905 Runner: Why Do I Run?

The 905 Runner: Why Do I Run?

Why do I long distance run? Those who don’t, ask me this all the time. In a sport that has given me so many triumphs, yet so much disappointment, I often question this myself.
When I started my online presence it was to self-motivate. But mostly to show my kids that there are struggles, even when you’re doing something that you love. Even if you're doing it well, it's still not always an easy road! I always said I’d be honest in this journey and document both good and bad because that’s exactly what life offers us. When I run, and my mind drifts and I feel like stopping, I often daydream. I dream of crossing that finish line and seeing my wife and kids at every race, knowing I showed them that hard work will prevail.

I always find it amazing how running can change my mindset. It just puts me in a better mood for my day. Mental clarity and stress relief are just another two reasons I always tell people to give running a try.

Last year I ran my first Marathon @nycmarathon. It went nothing like I had hoped. So it was perfect! Perfect in the sense that it has motivated me, like nothing else, in a long time. And so, success!! Looking back, I’ve learned a lot and continue to learn each and every day. My current goal is to continue to travel the world and run in as many countries as possible. The Abbot World Majors is one of the first boxes I wish to check.

I am so grateful for my family who are always encouraging me to go after my goals. I also never thought I would find the running community this responsive. After all these years so many people in this community have helped me become better and I will no doubt get to where I want to be.

The fight with age and a lot of history on the joints may get in my way, but I intend to work twice as hard as I did when I was younger!

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Things may have changed with age and so I adjust. Recovery and listening to my body has become so important. There was a day where finding the coolest looking shoes were my top priority, but now I use what works and if they happen to look great, bonus! At the moment my OOFOS recovery sandals are my biggest asset. After recently suffering from severe plantar fasciitis, they really have helped propel my recovery. There is no doubt they will be my favourite thing to wear after those long tough runs in peak Marathon Training. They say it reduces 37% of impact on the joints. Honestly all I know is it’s these types of things that will help me perform and stay healthy as I run! I now look for things that work, period! It is now and should have always been, this simple!

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