The Princess Shoe Mélany Houle, Guest Post

The Princess Shoe Mélany Houle, Guest Post

In every fairy tale, there is always a little bit of magic, isn't there?

With great humility, here is a little piece of my journey from obese to fitness champion; a path interspersed with several kilometres of running, lots of self-love and much perseverance!

Since my childhood, I was the last one chosen for the sports team. I was an artist, filled with creativity. Music was my passion. A little later in my early twenties, I was already overweight, and sadly over the years, I became morbidly obese.

The day my BMI climbed to 44.1, when I became too heavy for my beloved horse Casanova, a great sadness came over me. I felt it with my whole being and it created that famous click in my head. It was the time to change my whole life or I would need to have my horse adopted by another rider... something that was totally out of the question!

I started my journey towards physical and mental health slowly, first by fast walking until the day I could add a few run steps here and there. My ultimate goal was to run an official 5km at the famous "Diva Run" in New York. I’d had the chance to try my very first 5K a few months before at the "Course des Princesses" in Victoriaville, Quebec. By that time, I had already lost 75 lbs in 7 months. I was so proud when I crossed the finish line! It was my very first medal ever! That funny Princess race changed my whole life. What could be more incredible than running a few miles in a tutu and a magnificent tiara? Running had become a part of my life.

To remember this first race forever, I decided to start a Facebook blog called “La Princesse de Course”. I wanted to share my journey, to inspire people to take care of themselves, to believe in themselves and achieve their goals, whatever they might be.
Little by little, I went from 5K to 10K until I reached the famous half-marathon distance. It was a great thrill to run that distance in Lebanon with my Prince, Alayan.

Over time, the physical transformation of losing 130 lbs was accomplished mainly by running, but also by assiduous training in the gym, which led me to Fitness Canada. My next goal was to gain first place in the transformation category. I wanted to help people become the best version of themselves so went on to study to become a Fit Trainer. I even had the chance to work as a trainer in a branch of the gym “Énergie Cardio”. Yes, even the impossible can become possible when you believe a little bit in yourself and give yourself the chance to persevere.

I was lucky enough to became ambassador for the woman sportswear brand “Moovactivewear” for several different running events such as “Diva Run”. Running allowed me to travel, to discover beautiful places, but above all to find the true version of myself. This wonderful sport has allowed me to achieve the greatest goals of my life, which is why I have so much gratitude for running.

Everything was so perfect, the momentum was on my side, but at the end of my 4th racing season, while my head was full of plans, I hit a horrible wall. I started to experience severe pain in both heels at the same time. What could be worse for someone who loved running? It was unfortunately plantar fasciitis. A good friend gave me the advice to be patient, but also she said to me,” You will spend your summer in running shoes”! I tried to limit the damage. I listened to advice religiously but even if I wore my sports shoes all day, nothing seemed to help.

Then the day came that I had a revelation during my visit to the store "Au Pied Sportif". On the advice of the owner of this friendly sports shoe store in my neighborhood, I tried a pair of Oofos sandals. When my foot slipped into the shoe, it was at that precise moment that the Fairy Godmother’s magic happened. I felt like a real “Cinderella” who found “HER shoe”! The comfort I felt was indescribable; I almost cried for joy in the store! My heels were finally free from pain! For the first time in months, I felt solid on my feet, comfortable and delivered! Have you ever walked on cozy little pieces of cloud? This is certainly the equivalent, I guarantee you, this is the word of the “Race Princess”!

My Oofos sandals allowed me to heal with style and beauty! Happy to finally be able to leave off my running shoes so I can enjoy the summer! I can say loud and clear that these shoes have changed my life! The healing finally allowed me to run again! My heart is full of gratitude, I am so happy and delighted

In some Princess stories, all you need is a pair of shoes to make you feel that you can conquer the world... again and again!

Thank you OOFOS!!