Running Through the Storms Review

Running Through the Storms Review

Running Through the Storms runner and blogger suffers from chronic plantar fasciitis. After trying many of the popular and expensive sandal brands, she finally found the relief she needs in OOFOS, saying:

I can't imagine returning to another brand of shoes or sandals, as long as I live, especially after working out hard. These things are so plushy, comfortable and downright heaven to my feet. I can't believe I've gone as long as I have without them! 

In addition to stress relief in the feet and knees, she has particularly noticed an improvement in the lower back. This is a key OOFOS difference – Comfortable shoes will give the feet some relief, but OOFOS provide needed support to several areas of the body up through the lower back.

Shop the OOFOS OOlala look featured in this review here:

Image of the OOFOS women's OOlala black sandal for foot support and foot recovery.


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