We all know that recovery is an important part of training and working out; however the way you recover is just as important as making time to rest and recuperate.  

According to Competitor the footwear you use after a run has a great impact on how quickly and efficiently one can recover.

In the hour or so following a run, your feet are in a vulnerable state. They've just spent a considerable amount of time at work, and like the rest of your body, they're tired, swollen, and could use support while recovering from their most recent effort. Unlikestandard flip-flops, sandals or slides, footwear designed specifically for recovery features sturdy, supportive footbeds underneath your arch and heel that allow your fatigued feet to recuperate while you go about your day. 

Recovery footwear doesn't just help your feet, however. Putting on a supportive pair of sandals or shoes after a run can have positive effects on the rest of your body too. Remember, when you are standing, your feet are the foundation that supports everything above it. If your feet are fatigued or weakened, they're not going to do a good job supporting the rest of your body. Thus, supportive recovery footwear can improve your alignment and lessen stress on the shins, knees, and hips, helping legs feel fresh for your next run. 

By wearing OOFOS after a workout, the recovery process beings immediately because OOFOS allows your feet to recuperate, and in turn the rest of your body follows. 

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