6 Ways to Get Outside with Your Family This Holiday Season

6 Ways to Get Outside with Your Family This Holiday Season

When REI closed their stores on Black Friday two years ago, encouraging their employees and customers to go enjoy the outdoors instead, they started a movement. The #OptOutside campaign reminded us all that experiences are so much more important than things.

We think opting outside is a good way to live every day. This holiday season, jump on board with the trend that's so much more than a hashtag. Instead of spending money on gifts for friends and family, why not spend time outside together instead?

Here are 6 ways to spend time with your family outdoors, instead of fighting the crowds at the mall. 

1. Take a hike

What better way to get outside than to gather up your closest family members and friends for a post-Thanksgiving hike? Everyone could use a little exercise after feasting, and you can pick a trail that's easy enough for the whole family to enjoy. Bring the camera and capture some family memories with that gorgeous late-fall backdrop.

2. Pick Out A Christmas Tree

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If you're a big fan of Christmas and all the decorating that entails, then Thanksgiving day means its time to get started! Spend the day with the family searching for that perfect Christmas tree.

3. Try GeoCaching

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This fun activity has been around for years, and if you haven’t had a chance to try it, now’s the time! Simply sign-up at GeoCaching.com, plug the coordinates into your phone, and head out to find hidden treasures. There are surely some in your hometown.

GeoCaching is a great way to not only get outside, but to explore places that you might not think to visit otherwise. GeoCaching with your family could give you a whole new perspective on the area you grew up in!

4. Pitch Your Tent

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Depending on location, many parts of the U.S. are still campable in the fall and winter months. The crowds have cleared out this time of year, so even if you're bringing a big group, you shouldn't have trouble finding a site.

Once you’ve set up your campsite, you can go hiking or share stories around the campfire. 

5. Build a Backyard Fire Pit

If you can't get the family out to a campground this season, why not bring the campground to you? A backyard fire pit is a great way to gather the family for a relaxing activity. And the best part? You don't have to talk around a fire! After all that awkward dinner conversation with your third cousins, a backyard fire is a chance to zone out and watch the flames.

(Remember to look into local regulations first, and keep your fire pit away from low-hanging trees, the house, and other structures.)

6. Rent a cabin for skiing and snowshoeing

You've had holidays at Grandma's house for generations, and we know she loves the tradition. But wouldn't she also love to give up all the cleaning and prep that goes into hosting guests? Suggest relocating your festivities to a snowy destination this holiday, where you can all get outside for some wintry activities like snowshoeing or skiing.

A change of scenery could be just the thing your family needs for some quality bonding time.

However you choose to celebrate the holidays, remember that the time we spend together is always more memorable than the stuff we buy. 

If you're staying active with your family this holiday season (and we sure hope you are!) OOFOS recovery shoes will be there with you to provide comfort and recovery after all the fun. 

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