Anne Keane: Runner, Mom, Wife, Patient Partner

Anne Keane: Runner, Mom, Wife, Patient Partner

“Over the years I have been called brave, a warrior, and a fighter - however, I don’t think I am any of those things. Here is what I do know; I am a Mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. What motivates me is the fact that I don’t have to, I get too.”


At 42 years young, Anne refuses to let cancer define who she is. When Anne walks into a room, her energy and smile are contagious. Common words used to describe her presence are nothing short of vibrant, inspirational, kind, and even a bit sarcastic. Anne starts every morning with a 1-hour workout, making her health the most important priority. Once she drops off her 2nd grade daughter at the bus stop, Anne head’s to work as VP of Account Services for an experiential agency. She also has a small jewelry making business to entertain her creative side. When she is not perfecting her crafts, Anne enjoys spending time with her family, traveling to new adventures, and sitting on the beach.



Anne was diagnosed with stage 4 Breast Cancer six years ago. It started while she was aiming to get back into shape after welcoming their baby girl. Anne began to feel a sharp pain in her sternum during her workouts, which she thought was due to her fitness, but the nagging feeling concerned her. She found dimpling in her left breast a few days later and knew she had to take serious action. After tests with her primary doctor, she was told she has Metastatic Breast Cancer which means that the cancer has spread out of her breast and into her liver, bones, and lymph nodes. Metastatic breast cancer is not curable, but it IS treatable. 


Anne receives treatment at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. Her current treatment is the main reason why she gets to continue to do what she loves each day. “It’s really important that brands are investing in research. Treatments are really what makes the difference in extending your life and also the quality of your life.” Anne herself was raising money for breast cancer research while training for her first ever marathon with the Dana-Farber Marathon Team. She raised $38,000 for cancer research from that race. “When I found out OOFOS was investing in research, I felt like they understood me. Breast cancer awareness month is not about pink washing, it’s about investing in what really matters and that is prolonging life.” OOFOS is the official recovery footwear sponsor of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Jimmy Fund, and donates 2% of every sale made at to DFCI for breast cancer research.


Anne became an OOFOS Patient Partner earlier this year. “I had always heard that OOFOS was like a family. It’s real - they make you feel like you are one of them.” Her favorite experience with OOFOS was when she and her family were invited to a Jimmy Fund event at Fenway Park. They had the opportunity to experience what it was like to be on a professional baseball field. 


The Project Pink Campaign was started back in 2015, when the OOFOS Brand Manager, Duncan Finigan, received a life-changing metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. It was then that Duncan and our founders came together and decided that OOFOS was going to donate a percentage of every sale, year round, to breast cancer research. Duncan passed away in 2019, but her legacy lives on through our Project Pink initiative. Each year during the month of October, OOFOS releases a limited edition OOFOS colorway. We donate 100% of all proceeds to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute as an incremental fundraiser for patient care and cancer research. “The fact that OOFOS donates to research is the best you can do, but 100% of profits? That takes my breath away. It makes me feel great to be a part of that, even if it is in a small way.”


Anne is tenacious with her lifestyle. She pushes her body with a workout 7 days a week and monitors her sleep, fuel, and nutrients. 

OOfoam™ technology absorbs 37% more impact than traditional foam materials to protect muscles and joints, making OOFOS the necessary support system that Anne needs for her day to day life. OOFOS promises to continue our donation efforts for Anne and others like Anne, with the mission to “Make yOO Feel Better”, and we won’t stop until there’s a cure. 

LEARN MORE about Project Pink, Duncan Finigan, and our $3M+ in all-time donations. 

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