Celebrate Global Running Day!

Celebrate Global Running Day!

June 6th is Global Running Day, a world-wide celebration of running. Whether you’re a seasoned distance runner or simply able to run a lap around your block, Global Running Day is a day to have fun being active.   


In recognition of Global Running Day, celebrated across over 120 countries, we want to encourage you to get moving.

We have partnered with Runner’s World to present you with “Your Perfect Long Run Recovery Schedule”, because let’s face it, after the run is complete, you need to rest, recover and rejuvenate.  

You can check out the full breakdown of ways we suggest recovering from your run by  clicking here. 

As you read in the article, what you do after finishing a run is arguably just as important as the run itself. Refueling, rehydrating, and getting quality sleep are all important.

Another key aspect of recovery is wearing the right footwear. That’s where we come in.

“You may have taken off your running shoes as soon as you walked through the door, but don’t forget about footwear altogether. Over the last decade, brands like OOFOS have emerged, specializing in footwear specifically designed for recovery—be sure to look for a pair that’s breathable, lightweight, and supportive.

Many distance runners swear by the sandal and close-toed footwear offered by OOFOS, which features excellent arch support and foam that absorbs 37 percent more shock than traditional shoes, making them a solid choice for giving your feet some TLC following tough mileage. "The foam absorbs more shock when walking than a traditional foam sandal," explains Tara Mooney, an avid marathoner and apparel buyer for West Stride, an Atlanta-based running store. ‘This will take stress off of your feet and back, giving your body a chance to recover.’”

As we celebrate Global Running Day by putting in the miles, don’t forget to take the time to properly recover from your run.  Your feet and body will thank you!

To give your feet the extra TLC that they need post-run, treat them to Feeling the OO!

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