Derek Carr Invests in Recovery Footwear Partnership With Category Leader OOFOS

Derek Carr Invests in Recovery Footwear Partnership With Category Leader OOFOS

The Raiders' QB1 emphasizes the importance of recovery in his performance by signing with OOFOS.

September 8, 2022 – OOFOS, the global leader in Active Recovery footwear, has teamed up with Las Vegas Raiders Quarterback, Derek Carr, for a multi-year partnership, highlighting the importance of recovery in Derek’s success on the field. As a passionate OOFOS wearer for many years and a true believer in the benefits of the technology, Derek is dedicated to building the brand as an ambassador as well as an investor. OOFOS feature OOfoam™, a scientifically-proven impact-absorbing foam technology, and are designed to accelerate  recovery post-performance and help you feel better faster. They have become an essential recovery tool for many high-performance athletes, including pro football veteran and Comeback Player of the Year Alex Smith, Olympic Gold Medalist/World Ski Champion Ashley Caldwell, professional triathlete Matt Russell, basketball legend Dawn Staley, Boston Ballet principal dancer Chyrstyn Fentroy, and others. 

“I have been wearing OOFOS for several years after receiving my first pair from our head athletic trainer, Chris Cortez, and have personally purchased many pairs to help maximize my recovery time while away from the field-of-play. I feel instant relief when I put them on and can’t imagine not having them available to me for daily use,” says Carr.

“I am confident that OOFOS are helping me take my game to the next level and be at my best day-in and day-out for years to come, so I'm excited to be investing in helping more athletes understand  the importance of this game-changing recovery tool.”  

Carr has prioritized recovery throughout his career to help aid in his performance on the field and has even declined performance footwear endorsements so he could continue to utilize OOFOS for active recovery as  much as he can. OOFOS footwear features OOfoam™ technology and a patented footbed design that absorbs impact, reduces stress on the body and enables more natural movement between training and games. Combined, these innovative technologies help athletes recover and feel better faster during the punishing season.  

"Recovery is the foundation of performance,” says Carr. “Training only leads to improvement if you give your  body appropriate time to rest, recover and rebuild. Without it, you are just breaking yourself down. OOFOS provide a simple way to prioritize active recovery through a reduction of load and stress after training or  games that I can physically feel.”  

“Derek Carr has been a genuine fan and user of OOFOS footwear for years, so we are thrilled to officially welcome him to the OOFOS team,” says Steve Gallo, President of OOFOS.

“OOFOS’ mission is to make you feel better and we are dedicated to supporting and enhancing athlete performance through recovery. Derek exemplifies our mission and brand values through his work ethic, strength of character and commitment to giving back to his community and we look forward to working together to share the benefits of OOFOS and grow the brand.”  

OOFOS recovery footwear features proprietary OOfoam ™ technology, which absorbs impact, so your body doesn’t have to. Combined with a patented footbed design, OOFOS cradle the heel and arches for the optimal combination of soft and stable support. OOfoam™ technology is proven to absorb 37% more impact than traditional foam materials and reduce up to 47% of energy exertion on the ankles, reducing load and stress, so you can recover faster.* The full line of OOFOS has received the APMA (American Podiatric Medical  Association) Seal of Acceptance.  

*Based on a 2018 University of Virginia School of Medicine Speed Clinic.

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