Project Pink Week is off to a great start. With all of your help, we are getting closer to stomping out breast cancer! We are so proud of our loyal customers and friends for helping us in our mission to make others feel better.

We’re excited to share a small preview of a project that our head of marketing/ brand awareness, Duncan Finigan, is a part of. For those of you who don’t know, Duncan is the reason behind the creation of Project Pink. Click here to learn more about Duncan.

We encourage you all to check out the following trailer for a documentary called Living, featuring Duncan:

The women featured in this documentary truly embody what it means to live. They are sharing their real stories with us.  These women swim, advocate, run, create … living life to the fullest and not letting cancer stop them from doing the activities that they love.  They are each an inspiration to us, as we continue working together to "Stomp Out Breast Cancer" and fund research to help all of those living and fighting metastatic breast cancer feel better.

That is what our mission here at OOFOS is all about.  Our shoes are designed to “make yOO feel better” and this week, Project Pink Week, we’re encouraging everyone in our OOfamily to support those fighting breast cancer by purchasing a pair of our shoes… any pair. With each purchase, OOFOS will donate $5 to breast cancer research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. 

We hope that you are as moved, encouraged and inspired by this documentary trailer as we are. Keep stomping with us, so that these women, and more, can continue sharing their stories of living with the world.

 And be on the lookout for the full documentary coming soon!

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