OOFOS Can Provide the Comfort You Need for a Day of R&R

OOFOS Can Provide the Comfort You Need for a Day of R&R

With the holidays filling everyone’s schedule with shopping trips, cleaning and other various “to-do’s,” it’s great to see one of the latest articles from New York Lifestyles Magazine talk about how to treat yourself during the holiday season! While it’s great to treat all your loved ones, sometimes you just need to indulge for yourself and relax. In this article, writer Griffin Miller says that OOFOS are a must for a great day of R&R!

“When I first tried on a pair of OOFOS sandals (flip-flop style), I had no idea they were designed with recovery technology for runners. I just knew they were the most comfortable sandals I’d ever worn... and after nearly a year of wearing them, I can also say they’re the sturdiest as well.”

Sure our recovery technology is great for runners, but it’s also great for anyone who needs a little relaxation from being on their feet and we’re glad Griffin recognized that! Check out the full article here.

Want to treat yourself with the relaxation from OOFOS, check out our various styles here.

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