Our First Pop-Up Recovery Lounge!

Our First Pop-Up Recovery Lounge!

OOFOS is proud to announce our first ever Pop-Up Recovery Lounge located at 303 Newbury St. in Boston, open until July 6, 2018.

We launched in conjunction with Boston Marathon weekend, welcoming everyone in the area to visit and experience the OOFOS Recovery Lounge to learn more about the importance of recovery, particularly around the marathon. We hosted have a series of seminars on mobility, hydration, nutrition, as well as shake out runs and time to meet with the OOFOS team to learn more about the benefits of our footwear.  We also partnered with NormaTec and Hyperice to bring our visitors a full recovery experience. 


The first weekend of this Pop-Up retail concept shop was a success, and we will be open at this location through July 6th.  If you are in the Boston area this spring, be sure to stop by to shop our full range of styles, learn more about recovery,  and Feel the OO for yourself! 


One of our first customers was none other than Bill Murray! Bill purchased two pairs of OOFOS and enjoyed hanging out with our team at the store.

Patti Catalano Dillon has held American records in the marathon, half marathon, 30 kilometers, 15 kilometers, 10 mile, and 5 mile.  We were honored to have her with us for Boston Marathon weekend, where she signed autographs and met with visitors to our Pop-Up shop and booth at the Marathon Expo.  She is an accomplished athlete and fan of OOFOS. She even introduced us to some other “warrior women”, former world record holders and accomplished runners who continue to inspire us.  

Our Recovery Lounge featured NormaTec compression boots that were a huge hit, particularly with Marathoners after the race on Monday! We are all about supporting recovery at our Pop-Up location. 

Linda Jaros, certified Muscular Therapist, offered gentle massages to help the runners recover after finishing the Boston Marathon.  She was able to educate these athletes on different recovery methods while helping their muscles relax after putting in a grueling 26.2 miles in the rain, wind and cold temperatures in Boston! 

There is plenty more to come from this Pop-Up shop! We are excited to be at this location on Newbury St. for the next 3 months and hope that you will join us for education on recovery, different events, and of course to shop our full range of styles! 


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