Woman and OOmg high

Take Your Recovery to New Heights with the OOmg High

Fans love our first ever fully enclosed shoe so much that we decided to kick things up a notch! We're excited to introduce the OOmg High, a high-top version of our new OOmg shoe.

The four-way stretch mesh upper featured on our original OOmg design has been extended further up the ankle for added coverage (and added style) in our new high-top version. These shoes can take you anywhere, in any conditions.

Like all our OOFOS footwear, our OOmg designs feature our proprietary OOfoam technology, which absorbs 37% more shock with every step than traditional footwear foam. This revolutionary material that cradles your arches, combined with our biomechanically engineered footbed helps take stress of your tired feet and joints to aid in recovery. The technology behind the OO enables a more natural range of motion so you never have to question if you should hike that extra mile. 

Conquer new heights in the OOmg high. The OOfoam technology was made for you.


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