Understanding the OO | Part 1: A First Experience with OOFOS

Understanding the OO | Part 1: A First Experience with OOFOS

Here at OOFOS, we are excited to introduce to you our new blog series, Understanding the OO. Through this series, we hope to tell the story of our brand, explain the purpose of our footwear and help all our fans maximize their personal OOFOS experience. 

Let’s first take it back about seven years to when OOFOS was founded.  We knew with such a specialized product we’d want to enlist the help of experts in not just the footwear space but experts who were knowledgeable and specialized in the human body.  Enter: Linda Jaros. Linda, a muscular therapist with over 35 years experience in the health and wellness industry, was one of the first people OOFOS founders reached out to with the request to try the product and provide an honest opinion of her first impressions.  How did our sandals fit? Did OOFOS make her feel better? What did she think of our revolutionary OOfoam™ technology? Linda, now OOFOS’ Fit Specialist, shares her first experience with the brand below.

Linda Jaros:

I remember well the first time I felt the “OO” - it was 8 years ago. I was sent a pair of OOFOS to try by the founders and asked to give my feedback. This was prior to the shoes going to market. I was given no information about the shoes, however, that was ALL about to change.

As a body worker for over 35 years, specializing in sports rehabilitation working with professional and amateur athletes, I’ve seen many products “promising” to help the body recover. More often than not, I find myself disappointed because these products just don’t deliver. What I knew right away when I began walking in the OOFOS, is that they were DIFFERENT. I never felt anything like them before. My feet immediately began asking questions...

The first question: How did “they” (the designers) make a shoe with so much cushion and yet with such great arch support at the same time?

I soon learned that I was wearing a truly “cutting edge” technology. It all starts with the PROPRIETARY foam called OOfoam™. This one-of-a-kind foam offers 37% more impact absorption than any material commonly used in shoes today, particularly “performance” footwear such as running shoes, etc. This is the first step in recovery: taking pressure off the joints. This becomes increasingly important, because most of us don’t walk on natural surfaces (like grass or sand) throughout our day. As I took a closer look at the patented footbed design, the way the arch of the shoe cradled the arch of my foot and supported the shape of my foot, it felt like they were made just for me. Supporting the arch or “bridge” of the body is so important in helping the body through every activity, especially recovery. Whether after a long day of work or an athletic activity, supporting the arch of the foot helps to properly align the knees, hips and spine. When your feet hit the ground EVERYTHING changes - and with OOFOS, it changes for the better. This is what I began to notice: the longer I wore my OOFOS, the more the combination of the OOfoam™ and the footbed design allowed my foot to move on all planes of motion as if I was walking on a natural surface. The muscles in my feet were waking up and doing their job better. Eight years later and my painful bunions are history. I felt relief from bunion pain immediately upon putting on OOFOS. Today, the pain is gone even when I have to wear footwear other than OOFOS. My passion for helping people “feel better” keeps me sharing the OOFOS recovery benefits to this day!

Special Thanks to Linda for sharing her thoughts, and for helping us "spread the OO" to new people every day.

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