Unearthing Recovery

Unearthing Recovery

Ultrarunner Jacky Hunt-Broersma based in Arizona joined us on social media for a 5-part series about her training and recovery leading up to the 2022 Leadville 100 race.


Along with being one of the most accomplished amputee ultramarathoners, Jacky is a cancer survivor and World Record holder. She lives the OOFOS OOsoul daily through educating and inspiring others. Her many accomplishments as an athlete include running 104 marathons in 104 days and setting a record for the First Amputee to run 100 miles on a treadmill - and she ran it in under 24 hours! She’s a proud mom and leader in her community as she shares her experiences with being an amputee, successful at endurance training, and impressive at ultramarathon running.


In episode 1 of Unearthing Recovery, Jacky spoke about struggles in her run training. She was battling 110 degree heat in Arizona, forcing her to train on the treadmill. Experiencing leg cramps, she shared how to roll out muscles with a foam roller. Jacky also actively recovers in OOFOS by walking the neighborhood.


Using a treadmill with 40% incline, Jacky was able to run hills as part of her trail run training. Considering the temperatures in the Arizona desert, she often wears recovery sandals day-to-day. Her favorite are OOlala recovery sandals and OOmg eeZee recovery shoes. You might ask: how does she attach a thong sandal to her prosthetic foot? Click here to find out.



In a prosthetic, going from road to trail is extra tricky. Jacky has to lift her legs higher so she needs extra strong hip flexors. She accounts for this strength training in her lead-up to a race.

Fun Fact: Her running “blade” prosthetic comes with a split toe that helps give a smoother transition to trail running. Check it out now.

In episode 3 of Unearthing Recovery, Jacky highlights Normatec Recovery Boots as her key recovery tool of the week. With training going well, recovery becomes even more important to make sure she can stay on schedule and begin each day at 100%. Using air compression and pulse technology to massage the legs, Normatec boots aid recovery. Right out of the boots and into recovery footwear, she was on the road feeling great the next day.



Jacky had a bit of an accident, so this week she focused on injury recovery. Having lost part of her leg to cancer, Jacky lovingly refers to it as her “stump.” This week, she shared: “I slipped. I fell. I hit my stump.” Concerned about getting back to running for Leadville 100, Jacky focused on upper body strength. She got into her walking foot but wasn’t able to feel comfortable in her running socket due to pressure. So this week, she was spending a lot of time icing her leg. She’s using her medicine ball as well as planks, sit-ups, and other body weight exercises to keep her active in her injury recovery.



Jacky trained hard and had every intention of running the Leadville 100. As any athlete knows, plans get interrupted by unforeseen circumstances. While Jacky wasn’t able to compete this year due to a leg injury, she was cheering the other racers on virtually and is now looking forward to her next run. 

Jacky said “HUGE congratulations!” to those who finished the 2022 Leadville 100.

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