Why We Run

Why We Run

The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF) is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Reaching for the Cure! The annual event features a range of races including a Half Marathon, 10K, 5K, and 1K, hosted at Irvine Valley College on March 26, 2023. Reaching for the Cure was voted Best Running Race in Orange County. Last year's event raised an incredible $318K, and this year they aim to exceed $350K.

Reaching for the Cure

OOFOS is proud to support fundraising race participants across the county with Active Recovery. This year’s PCRF Reaching for the Cure runners will recover faster and feel better as they raise money for cancer research. And no one needs to recover actively quite like a runner. Combining revolutionary OOfoam™ technology and our patented footbed design, OOFOS has been supporting athletes since day one. Helping runners train and, ultimately, helping runners perform their best has been a constant goal for the OOteam. 

As the Official Finish Line Sponsor, members of our team had the opportunity to sit down with five runners participating in the 2023 race. Their stories will inspire yOO to raise money and run alongside them toward a cure.

The Runners

Two runners, Bianca and Rob, are running for their loved ones. Bianca’s daughter Ellerie was diagnosed with Stage IV Brain Cancer in June 2020. Bianca runs not just for Ellerie, but for the entire childhood cancer community, which has been a source of support and strength during difficult times. While facing illness can be isolating, both the PCRF and the running community provide a sense of belonging and the opportunity to feel seen and heard.

Rob says,

“This race and the cause hold a special place in our hearts, and we look forward to participating and getting involved every year.” 

As an annual event, runners get to know one another and look forward to the opportunity to re-connect and motivate each other to stay strong. With PCRF’s focus on research, they have contributed to important innovations and breakthroughs that could transform pediatric care. “We appreciate generous partners like OOFOS who help make it possible for us to persevere until our goal is reached and zero kids are lost to this devastating disease” Jeri Wilson, Executive Director, Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.

Another racer, Brianna, is participating to show her support for others and inspire her family to stay healthy. Brianna said

“PCRF means the world to me and my family! It’s given back to so many families in our community and provided a safe place for so many.

400,000 children will be diagnosed with cancer worldwide in 2023. Thomas, a Neuroblastoma Survivor, is grateful for PCRF's contributions and finds running to be a therapeutic release, “I am beyond grateful for this organization and all its contributions to families and children battling cancer.”  As a runner, Thomas appreciates the opportunity to set and achieve goals through the sport as well as run for worthy causes. He’s especially grateful for his OOFOS recovery sandals when training for a race like this because of the impact-absorption and arch support.

Runner Ruth is a Breast Cancer Survivor. She celebrates the power of community and perseverance that running has taught her. The act of putting one foot in front of the other and making progress towards a goal is a powerful reminder that every person is capable of overcoming obstacles and moving forward in the face of hardship. We’re proud to support Ruth and the other runners with Active Recovery throughout their journey. “I bought my first pair of OOFOS 10 years ago.  They are the best recovery shoes I have worn, and they are always on my packing list when I am getting ready to race”. As these runners look forward to a healthy and hopeful future, OOFOS can’t wait to be part of their next steps.

PCRF has invested over $43 million in research since 1982 to help children fight and survive cancer by funding cures and treatments. They are determined to drive progress and uncover promising new directions by investing in high-potential research. PCRF works together with the research community, partners, and supporters to achieve breakthroughs and transform care.

This year’s Reaching for the Cure runners’ stories demonstrate some of the many reasons people participate in this event and highlight the profound impact that PCRF has on families and individuals battling cancer.

Learn more about the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation here.

Learn more about how OOFOS supports cancer research as the Official Recovery Footwear of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute here.

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