5 Ways Women's Sport Sandals With Arch Support Can Save the Day

5 Ways Women's Sport Sandals With Arch Support Can Save the Day

From the minute your feet hit the floor in the morning, it’s go, go, go. And while you can’t wear your comfiest shoes all the time, it’s nice to know that women's sport sandals with arch support are there to save the day when you need them.

With everything we squeeze into our busy days, it’s important to have the right tools on hand to help you get the job done. Sure, you rely on your cell phone and computer and sticky notes and chapstick and all those other little essentials to seamlessly go from task to task. But you also rely a lot on your shoes to make all those power moves. 

5 Times Women's Sport Sandals With Arch Support Came In Handy

  1. The After-Work Errand

You’ve already had a full day, and you feet are probably tired of your work-appropriate shoes, whether they’re pretty pumps or classic ballet flats that don’t offer much in the way of cushioning. But there’s a run to the dry cleaners to make, a bottle of wine to grab for dinner, and a birthday card to find for a friend.

Swap out your day shoes for women's sport sandals with arch support and feel the OO while you wrap up those to-dos. While you cross things off the shopping list, your feet can get a head start on all the relaxing you can do once you get home.

  1. The Morning Routine

Did you know that what most of the world’s most successful people have in common is a morning routine? Whether it’s making coffee or heading to the gym for a workout, getting the kids out the door to school or taking the dog for a walk, it’s important to start your day right. Ease into your day with a pair of shoes that are designed to align your joints and cradle your feet. If you aren’t diving straight into the thick of your day, why would you make your toes do the same?

  1. The Post-Run Cooldown

You probably already know that OOFOS are great for running recovery. That said, our women's sport sandals with arch support are so good at what they do, it would be a shame to leave them off this list. Going for a run feels awesome. The day after should feel just as good. Reduce soreness with a good cooldown, proper stretching, and a pair of women's sport sandals with arch support that help you bounce back fast.


  1. The Weekend Warrior

The saying goes “work hard, play hard,” right? So the weekend is here and you’re ready to go. You’ve got a 5K planned, perhaps, or a big hike, or a chance to try out your new mountain bike. Whatever you’ve got in the works, it’ll help to have the right shoes. You might want to wear sneakers or hiking boots if you’ve got a sport in mind that has specialized footwear.

That’s ok, OOFOS will be waiting for when you get done (see number three). But if your plans include, say, a big day on the lake or a trip to the beach or a fun camping trip, there’s no reason not to wear a pair of women's sport sandals with arch support. You do you thing, and meanwhile your feet will be having their own little spa day.

  1. The Lazy Sunday

There’s nothing better than a lazy weekend when you have a chance just to putter around, catch up on a good book or some Netflix, maybe pot a couple houseplants. It’s your chance to recover from the week and get prepped for another one right around the corner. Let your body recover with you.

The arch support that OOFOS provide can reduce not only foot and leg discomfort, but also back and hip pain. So even if you’re just padding around the house getting a few chores done, you can be helping your body get ready for hitting the ground running on Monday.

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