Partner In Health Feature

 - The Recovery Lounge

Our newest Partner in Health, The Recovery Lounge, weighs in on their take on recovery and how OOFOS compliments their mission to make people feel better! Offering a holistic approach, The Recovery Lounge combines therapies such as (but not limited to) cryotherapy, compression, and massage therapy with a relaxing and inviting atmosphere where you can unwind after a long day of work or a hard workout in the gym. To The Recovery Lounge your environment is just as important as the therapies they provide.

Owner of The Recovery Lounge and an avid endurance athlete himself, Kenny Bailey, tells us how he first heard about OOFOS! He writes, “I actually had a buddy who got the wrong size and asked if I would like them…Once I put them on, I didn’t take them off! The flight from California to Tennessee was an all-day affair and wore my new OOFOS the whole time, including having to run to a gate to catch a connecting flight!  I got home and couldn’t believe how great my feet felt. I knew right then our clients needed these.”

The Recovery Lounge is entirely devoted to both physical and mental recovery: head to toe and inside and out. They offer therapies including cryotherapy, compression therapy, and massage/stretch all in an environment that fosters mental recovery. Bailey adds “We designed a place for anyone, from elite athletes and weekend warriors to folks that are sore simply due to life’s everyday demands. He adds, 
“We even have a full smoothie bar–because what you put on the inside counts too! If your muscles are sore and you need some time to reset, you see us!”

Exercise is demanding on your joints, particularly in areas like your feet and ankles. And after a long day or intense workout, that translates into fatigue, muscle tightness and pain, and soreness. Our goal at OOFOS is to make yOO feel better. When asked how OOFOS fits in at The Recovery Lounge, Bailey writes,

“OOFOS is just as passionate about recovery as we are. We are selective in what we bring to our clients as they trust that we are providing them a quality experience that will help them feel and perform better."

OOFOS is simply the best recovery shoe on the market and we are excited to bring another recovery tool that we know works for them. We know they will get lasting recovery and it continues to instill in them that we are the “go-to” experts in recovery.”

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